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Smash Recap: The Naked and the Dreaming – Vulture

Anyway, Tom is pouring over the script, looking for some place he can insert Token, clearly brooding on the other place he’d like to insert Token, if you know what I mean, ladies. There’s nothing, except, wait — why don’t they shove in a totally unrelated Nat King Cole number that has nothing to do with anything except that he was a human being and Marilyn was a human being and they lived in America at the same time! That totally sounds like a very solid reason to quit your steady job in a sold-out tour of the biggest grossing show in America! In return, Tom gets one (1) night of shirtless co-sleep, one (1) brief tushy pat, and one (1) acrimonious public dumping when the number is inevitably cut, as it must be, and Token is furious at Tom for his own faulty career planning, just like we are meant to believe that Scott Jim Oskar Ellis Nicola Eustis is still furious at Cousin Debbie for letting Mike Nichols direct her first play instead of him fifteen years ago, thus halting his ascendancy to the artistic directorship to one of the most prestigious theaters in the country by an unforgivable eighteen months. And look, I really do appreciate the attempt by Smash to show the public that no, art isn’t easy, and sometimes you really do have to make tough decisions and choose between ambition and love. Those are difficult conversations, yet the ability to have them, and still hang onto your humanity, as it seems Tom is beginning to do, is often the deciding factor between success and, well, less success (although of course, it all depends on your definition of what success is).

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Smash Recap: The Naked and the Dreaming – Vulture
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