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Building Muscle – Which Fruits to Eat

fruits to eat for six pack abs

Many of the people who exercise regularly do it not only to lose weight and be fit, but also to build muscle. After all, a super skinny body isn’t exactly a thing of beauty, and why work hard to lose the mass when you can transform some of it into tight muscles? Whatever your intention, exercising isn’t all it takes to build muscles. You also need a well-balanced diet with lots of fruit to help you. Which fruits should you eat?


These small fruits contain a lot of healthy things in their small bodies. The ingredients that are most important to you are the antioxidants which, as you probably know, have numerous benefits. On top of boosting your immune system and making your skin look younger and more beautiful, the antioxidants will go a long way towards healing you after an intense workout. By eliminating the free radicals in the tissue, the blueberries will prevent you from cramping or feeling worn out the next day.


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Apples contain a lot of fibres which are essential to muscle building. Because of that, apples get digested very slowly by the organism, all the time releasing important carbohydrates. The polyphenols in the apple’s skin, on the other hand, have displayed a potency to increase strength (and what does a muscle do if not make you stronger). As an added benefit, apples also contain lots of antioxidants, though not as much as blueberries do. The trouble with apples is that the ones found in supermarkets are often covered with pesticides. You might have to spend more, but going organic is essential.


Oranges work in much the same way as blueberries, only instead of antioxidants, they use their own large supply of Vitamin C. There is a hormone called cortisol which, when released by the organism, is responsible for muscle weakness and tissue deterioration. Vitamin C doesn’t completely cut off the release of this hormone, but decreases it significantly.


What is one of your goals when trying to build muscle? It is to dilate your blood vessels, thus increasing the mass of the body part and allowing vital nutrients to reach the muscle cells more rapidly. Instead of lifting weights for weeks or even months to achieve that, you can jumpstart the whole process by eating lots and lots of watermelon. It contains citrulline – an amino acid that, through several conversions by the organism, has the same effect on the blood vessels. On top of that, watermelon contains a lot of fibres, just like apples. The trouble is that it is digested much faster so it cannot be your primary fibre source.


A banana carries all the benefits of an apple and a few of its own. It contains a lot of fibres and is digested slowly so it is also a great longer-term source of carbohydrates. There is, however, an ingredient that is much more important if you are working out a lot, trying to build muscles – potassium. This mineral has a lot of say when it comes to preventing cramps as it helps with the balance of fluids in the body. Another great benefit of potassium is that it allows water to enter the cells, which increases their volume and the volume of the entire body part after that.

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